Tiny Tinkers  “Snow Dough” has a sweet coconut scent and it is super soft.
We only used natural ingredients to keep it safe for little hands.

All of our playdough is lovingly homemade with toxic-free ingredients and is super soft and malleable. Each colour has an individual scent. It comes in an aluminium tin, weighing approximately 300g.



This product is not suitable for children under 36 months due to chocking hazard. This is designed to be played with, not eaten. Although the sensory dough may look and smell yummy, it is not meant for consumption as it contains high amount of salt. ‍We advise supervising children during their play!



The sensory dough is made with wheat flour, table salt, cream of tartar, glycerine, coconut oil, water, food colouring, food flavouring. We can’t guarantee that there are not any traces of nuts or other allergens in our products. If you have any allergies please do let us know!

Salt crystals:

It is perfectly normal for salt crystals to appear on top of the dough, if left unplayed with. All you need to do is massage and play with it and it will disappear. If, after time, your dough begins to dry out, adding a splash of any cooking oil you have in the kitchen should help to restore it.



The dough should last for about six months if it’s stored correctly inside our aluminium tin (which comes with the playdough).

"Snow Dough" By Tiny Tinkers Sensory